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Highly sophisticated: Hinge C-1 by Silhouette

posted Nov 11, 2010, 12:46 PM by Patrick McCandless   [ updated Nov 11, 2010, 12:51 PM ]

It’s usually attention to detail that determines overall effect. Silhouette’s proverbial love for detail has already led to the eyewear industry’s biggest surprises and revolutions, proving again and again: there are indeed inventions which remain to be discovered in eyewear design!

Fast cars, impressive architecture, the latest high-tech solutions, haptics and structure, high quality leather, etc., are all icons which make men’s hearts race. Silhouette’s Hinge C-1 has now been added to that list. Its exquisite blend of material, technology and design has the potential to become man’s favourite toy.

The new Hinge C-1 Collection implements perfectly shaped, ingenious cylinder hinges, turning rimless eyewear into technical masterpieces. “Highly sophisticated” is the best description for the Hinge C-1, which is becoming a must have for every man with eyewear and is displaying the tendency to become a trendsetter.

Framed by two attractive decorative elements, the innovative cylinder hinge’s design flows between the cheek and a metal temple.

The interplay of high quality plastic elements and high tech titanium brings excitement to the Hinge C-1, refined by a silky soft lacquer finish, providing a haptical experience every time a pair is placed on or removed.

The selection of colours, based on timelessness, also displays sophistication: classic black dominates the colour combinations of Black Platinum and Phantom Black, while soft brown tones are also available with Coffee Gold and Light Caramel. The colour palette is rounded off by Emerald Green and Ruby Red.

The Hinge C-1’s rimless collection, ca. 80% handcrafted in Austria, will be available from specialist opticians worldwide starting in November.

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